Dry River

Ecommerce Wine Website

A screenshot of the Dry River Wines website as it was at launch in 2014

My involvement in this project

  • Art direction
  • Visual Design
  • Website Design

Dry River were ready to embrace ecommerce and take their mail based ordering system online. We designed and built a beautiful new website on top of Shopify to give them all the tools they'd need to reach their customers.

I worked on this project while at Click Suite. We had an interesting challenge with Dry River, to bring their membership system online, and open up their list to new customers while still providing a sense of exclusivity. We achieved this through a combination of well placed copywriting, opinionated typography, and utilising Shopify's membership management tools.

From the Ground Up

Dry River's Chief winemaker Wilco gave us real insight into the the importance of the terroir - the topography, the surroundings of the vineyards, and the soil. Each and every aspect along with the weather plays its part in the finished product, shaping each vintage in its own way.

I took elements of this and played with them through a theme of layering, whether it's through the camera or the interface, depth is present throughout the experience.

Keep Cellaring

As well as being an ecommerce site, Dry River is also a tool for those who have already bought wine. Each variety has a blurb outlining the characteristics that can be expected while each vintage presents a "Cellaring state" in the form of a bottle icon; you don't want to pop that special bottle when it's at its worst!

A screenshot of the current release page showcasing a variety of wine bottles

A Simple Success

Dry River's transition to online ordering went amazingly smooth, an existing database of customers was integrated and took to the online store like ducks to water - the weeks following the launch of the website saw both amazing order numbers and new registrations.

We approached this project with a focus on producing a premium experience that was incredibly easy for new and existing customers. Using Shopify as a platform played a big part in allowing us to deliver on that while empowering the team at Dry River to move forward with confidence.

A screenshot of the product page showcasing a wine bottle and its description