Indigo & Iris

Mascara and Lipstick Packaging

Indigo and Iris mascara and lipstick boxes

My involvement in this project

  • Packaging design
  • Print and colour
  • 3D renders

The Indigo & Iris team had a clear vision on how they wanted their mascara and lipstick packaging to look, and I was lucky enough to help them bring that vision to life.

There isn't much real estate on a mascara or lipstick box but we made it work. Two sides dedicated to the brand and product name, with an embossed logo, and two sides dedicated to the boring business stuff - I lie, it's actually really interesting! i&i produce 100% vegan, cruelty free make-up that includes no nasty ingredients!

Make It Stick

Branding on the lipstick was kept to a simple logo across the body and lid, the soft muted pink carrying across from the packaging.

Accompanying stickers were designed to go with each of the lipsticks being produced. A simple left-aligned template keeps the product readable and consistent.

A lipstick tube with the ingigo and iris branding and a set of lipstick stickers