Kiwi Ruby NZ

Conference & Website Package

A screenshot of the Kiwi Ruby NZ website homepage

My involvement in this project

  • Print
  • Installation
  • Website Design
  • Front-end, css, js, html
  • Animation

Branding, a website, giant rubies, and a whole lot more helped make NZ's foremost Ruby developers conference a real stunner.

This conference package was created from the ground up by myself and Emma Martin. With Emma spearheading the branding, while I took lead on web, animation, and project management.

The NZ Kiwi Ruby conference is held once every two years with ruby developers converging on Wellington from all over Australasia. Working with the Kiwi Ruby team we set forth to deliver an experience that would be inviting, fresh, informative, and fun.

Stage Presence

Hand-crafted giant rubies were placed on stage and at the entry to the conference. Designed to be playful, their scale and colour lifted the simple black backdrop and brought the stage to life.

In addition to the rubies we were able to utilise an animated podium to further integrate the branding, this screen provided the speakers name and twitter handle to help attendees interact.

The Kiwi Ruby conference stage setup with illuminated podium in the foreground and a large presentation in the background

Right On Time

With the days events locked in the Kiwi Ruby smart schedule made finding what was up next an easy task. As events moved into the past they would take on a grey shade, the page automatically snapping to the current time.

The information was treated with respect, giving prominent positioning to the times, while font weight and colour were used to emphasise titles and the current speaker.

The web version of the Kiwi Ruby schedule on both desktop and mobile

A Happy Team

Just look at those smiles!

The conference wrapped and was a huge success. This was a great opportunity to work with some amazing people and help them put their best foot forward.

The organising team saying thank you at the end of the conference